Current status:

These days, Zin is a loving father, a protector of Treegum and a calm, collected man. Rumour has it he plans on starting a school of some sort.


Zin is a half-elf that appears to be around his early thirties by human standards, and stands about 5,9 feet tall. He has some muscles, but his slim structured body makes it clear that his dominating physical attributes lie within speed and agility. As with most half-elves, Zin has emerald green eyes, slightly keen ears and a sharp nose. His hair is short, roughed, shiny, white, and some have made claims that it smells nice too (like minty apples). He appears to be in his early thirties these days, and his personality strikes you as calm and never overly eager. His posture can be described as rock solid, with his back straightened, his walk certain, while his eyes openly say: "Yep, I'm looking at you."


Thrust a thousand years into the future by the ancient, red dragon Slaverious, Zin became stuck in a time he clearly did not belong to, at first. After realizing that going back to the past would be too difficult, he decided to get comfortable in Treegum. Here, he found himself in good company with characters like Perry, Sam, Gatts, and Judea, as well as many others. Thanks to an idealistic upbringing, Zin decided to pursue a life of doing as much" good" as he possibly could, which involved helping all people act in a progressful manner, while he also protected innocents against the magical terrors of the world. This was a very idealistic goal, and a vague one at that, but Mel'heron has enough evil habitants where such a goal is enough. And such a lifestyle came with many hiccups and problems. Although the shapeshifter wished to do good, the answer of what to do wasn't always clear. In fact, a signifigant number of actions backfired due to Zin lacking insight and experience, which hurt him, as well as others. This earned him a reputation of being a good man, yet there was ultimately something strange about him. Maybe the half-elf just didn't belong in today's society, or perhaps staying trapped for a thousand years could have done something to his mind. Wether people saw eye to eye with Zin or not, many thought at least he was a valuable asset to any adventure party. Having the abillity to take on the shapes of flying creatures, giants, and even other magical creatures certainly made him a powerful ally. However, for those who could see past his surface abillities, would find a kind man who liked to make jokes, and protect Treegum from danger.

Family, friends and allies

Perry Sten

A halfling man of many titles. General, sir, father, hero, a friend....

To Zin, he is a brother. Many appreciated Perry for being a strong weaponsmaster and a leader, which is true, but the half-elf always thought his strongest weapon was his personality. He could make friends much quicker than most, and people trust him easily. Perry often used that trust to strengthen everyone around him, and spent it wisely.

That said, Zin and Perry often got into the strangest of adventures when it was just the two of them. They have a strange influence on one another where both think the other guy knows what he is doing, but both were actually just stumbling about. They are often surprised when they learn that the other doesn't know what he is doing, and they have to improvise... Perhaps they both know how to make each other confident, without noticing that they are gradually becoming cocky instead?


Legendary swordsman, drunkard, hero, villain...

All titles are true. To Zin however, he is mostly an incredible... awesome... drunkard... with a sword... and he was also saftey net. When Zin was just starting out in the "heroic" business, having Gatts along made him feel safe. Zin could practice his heroic speeches and logic against many strong villains, while letting Gatts' handle the really nasty stuff if a fight broke out. However, Gatts was always doing his own thing, and it was more luck than not, that their motives overlapped. But because of this, Zin and Gatts became good buddies as well. Gatts was sometimes humored by Zin's heroic tendencies, and Gatts taught Zin a thing or two about smack-talking, and enraging other people, but doing so intentionally. Furthermore, thanks to Gatts' influence, Zin was eventually able to become a saftey-net himself for a new generation of heroes and adventurers.


Trickster. Shadow. Friend. Practical.

To Zin, he's an incredibly like-minded man. Over many years, they trained together, went drinking, talked trash, and saved Treegum one time too many. Through it all, Judea seemed the calmest during hard times and he made good decisions, at least Zin always thought so.

Lisa Linton:

While struggling to find his place in this timeline, Zin met Lisa Linton, a powerful sorcereress with many friends and enemies. The half-elf related to her easily, having been misunderstood himself in the past, and the two had a mutual understanding. She was one of those people who was always nice to Zin, and they had a good time together. She would even be naturally defensive of Zin and offer him kind words when he felt he messed up, while also being harsh on others. "That guy's an ass. Don't worry about it," she would say, before offering Zin a nice word or two. And Lisa also knew when to show it. One time, the elf Artemis Ma'Forr had enough of Zin's idealistic talks, and killed him outright in the open streets of Treegum square. While people and friends stood around in shock, or perhaps paralyzed out of fear of what Artemis might do next, the sorceress came to see what the commotion was about. At the moment of realizing what had happened to Zin, Lisa cussed out in rage while hurling a powerful spell, forcing Artemis to his knees. She was about to return the favor for what had happened to Zin, despite guards warning her to stand down. A part of her could not let go of the rage however, and she decided to charge up the next spell to finish off Ma'forr. But in that moment, Gatts, a friend of everyone involved, snapped to it, and used his sword to knock Lisa down on the ground. Many words were shed, but at the end of it all, Zin was brought back to life, and he knew who thank for being alive. It was also Lisa, through the use of her powerful magic, that Zin got one last chance to walk on his ancient home-island, Vilnassil.

Juliet Linton:

Much later, after a growing relationship, Zin and Lisa now has a child together, Juliet Linton, who made Zin rethink who he was. He knew how to be a hero, but had never learned anything on how to be a family man. He didn't know how to deal with a girlfriend, much less a daughter. However, over time, through better and worse, Zin learned the meaning of both eventually.