While the land of Saphage has known relative stability and order, the rest of what was a large and powerful Vadriyan Empire in the land of Valiyus has faced turmoil these past years. The beloved Third Emperor Kaladorian has personally led what remains of the Imperial Guard against invaders that have sought to take advantage of the instability.

Where the black and blue of the Imperial Guard has marched, order has begun to return to Valiyus, and many kingdoms that broke from the Vadriyan Empire have once again pledged allegiance to the Imperial throne. Where the blade once failed, diplomacy is now prevailing and Third Emperor Kaladorian has returned from the battlefield to take his throne in Vadriphose City at the heart of the Vadriyan Empire. But this is not the Empire of his forefathers.

Its holdings and territories are much reduced; many kingdoms refused to pledge allegiance, losing faith due to Second Emperor Galigas’ treachery, and deciding to stand alone or become protectorates of other nations such as the Brakeedi Republic, the Province of Alasitain or the Thrun Core.

The Imperial Inquisition, the Emperor's traditional personal protectors, are no more, taking with them the wisdom, knowledge and powerful magics passed down from one generation to the next since the earliest days of the Empire.

The Imperial Order of Mages is also greatly diminished following Rellaquin's betrayal.

However, Third Emperor Kaladorian’s rule has been well-received by the people of the Vadriyan Empire and while the Imperial Guard has largely withdrawn to the power seat of Vadriphose City, leaving individual kingdoms to defend their own borders, Imperial diplomats are a common sight on Valiyus, reassuring the public of the Emperor’s dedication to a better future.

But enemies remain, and Third Emperor Kaladorian now faces the treacherous arena of politics.