~God of Gods, Lord to All~


Symbol: Two Gauntlets Grasping A Greatsword At The Middle Of The Blade
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Law, Nobility, Supreme, Creation, Balance
Domains: Knowledge, Protection and Strength
Weapon: Noble Rule (Greatsword)

Breakdown of ReligionEdit

The God of Gods, it is he who represents ruling over others in a manner, which holds the law to the letter. He is the creator of the world and subsequently the one who watches over it, seeing that the scales of balance are never tipped too much in one direction. His desires are that those in power will rule with wisdom in an orderly fashion. Those deemed to be unworthy would be quickly removed and replaced with those loyal to the Lord of All. His methods of seizing are quick and efficient, accomplishing this through means in which, good or evil are irrelevant in deciding the method. For to him, it is the end, an orderly world that matters, not the means. Rule with nobility, or be ruled under his.

Additionally, Vadriphrose is revered by all other gods, and is considered to be neutral in most outside conflicts. As a result, his temples will never be harmed during a battle sponsored by a particular religion, in the event his clergy happen to be within proximity of the staging area. However, if any of his followers get involved in the skirmish, then they forgo their neutral status, having their lords permission to be killed for their choices if it comes to that. For part of the wisdom of a ruler is to know when and when not to get involved, a lesson that is sometimes learned harshly, even among his own.


Priests of Vadriphrose normally work in close proximity to rulers of various countries, cities and towns, freely giving advice to those in power. Their help is very rarely turned down, for matters of state are the bread and butter of a cleric of Vadriphrose, and it is more then certain that they are experts in the field. They view themselves as teachers and mentors for those who mean to rule.