~Lord of Battle, Battle Lord~


Symbol: A Flaming Battleaxe On A Blood Red Star Burst
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Battle, Courage, Warriors, Strength
Domains: Good, Strength
Weapon: Warriors Might (Battleaxe)

Breakdown of ReligionEdit

While Vastur is the Lord of Knights, thus representing what noble warfare could bring in men hearts, Thorne represents the more wild side of the battle, made just of courage and strength. It's for this difference that Vastur finds his most loyal adepts amongst more "civilized" settlements, while Thorne rules over the harsher lands, where courage and strength are the only means of survival. Temples of Thorne are likely found on the verge of human settlements and in the majority of dwarven halls, and generally where strength in battle is kept in high regard. The battle and how you fight it is all important, this is that major difference from War were there are no rules. Those who worship Vulcrane often disagreed with the less blood thirsty Thornites.


The Thorne clergy is split in two main bodies:

Battle priests (Clerics)Edit

Iindividuals whose skills are to aid the believers in times of warfare, mainly by buffing their forces and supporting the front lines with combat magic. They represent the core of Thorne's clergy, forming about 70% of the hierarchy. They resort on healing spells only by the use of spontaneous casting, because they almost never memorize curative spells. The most capable can become Battle Bishops, which forms the inner circle of the clergy. There can be only 20 Battle Bishops, and amongst them a Prime Minister is chosen as the True Voice of the God.

Holy Warriors (Paladins)Edit

Individuals whose strong faith is only surpassed by their melee skills. Unlike the battle priests, though, their bounds with the god are not so developed as their fighting abilities. On the battle fields, they are at the front line, inspiring the true believers with their courage and prowess. They are the elite army of the church, always ready to face whatever foe they are aimed to. It is unusual to see roaming Holy Warriors, as they tend to stay to the temples or go to where the war rages most furiously.