Population Size: approx 800 dwarves.

Lifestyle (e.g. Rural, Industrial, Etc): The landscape of Stormhold is dominated by tiered-wall mountains with ramparts high are the hallmark of this region, a beauty that is unsurpassed by any other region in Mel'heron. The natural beauty of the area is spectacular; it also keeps Stormhold isolated, as its position is in the heart of the mountains.

A true dwarven fortress, this has dominated dwarven culture for a millennia and even throughout time the mighty fortifications of the dwarves stood them in good stead. During their history they have succumbed to an alliance of several marauding human kingdoms, in varing time periods, only as a measurement of survival. They tend to come to the aid of others rather than their allies coming to their aid.

The dwarven life is very regimented and ordered. Almost every activity that a dwarf undertakes is work or directed towards working. When a dwarf studies or reads, he is hoping to learn something useful that will make him more efficient at his chosen profession, be it smithing, fighting, or mining. When a dwarf eats, he is nourishing himself so that he can get much accomplished tomorrow. Dwarves believe that a very orderly (and full) schedule leads to the greatest efficiency.

Dwarves in Stormhold do enjoy sports, contests and their ale, which are one of their few forms of recreation. They are poor runners, but wrestling and feats of strength abound in their culture. These contests can be found at both religious and secular rituals. Still, dwraves approach these challenges as they do their work: doggedly. They compete until they are honorably defeated or until they reach exhaustion Main Source of Income: Major Imports/Exports (If Any): Government Type: This society is a stratocracy; its military leader(s) rule. This is no doubt expected of a dwarven society, most have the focus of battle on the mind. In the aftermath of various wars and a number of military commanders it has proven beneficial to have their general's and commanders rule, they see that what is needed is done for the protection of their home/clan.

Leaders: King Anger.


Enemies (If Any):


Miscellaneous Notes: Even as Rellaquin has now since died, killed by Kaladorian. The dwarven society still suffered the blunt edge of his wrath, Rellaquin having slaughtered many of their kin during his assault on Stormhold. Even their fortress and its many hidden tunnels and caverns was not enough to push back Rellaquin and his allied forces.