~Lord of Magic, The Spell Lord~


Symbol: A glowing scroll with runes
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Magic, Runes, Spellcasters, Spellcasting, Arcane Knowledge
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Magic
Weapon: Runestaff (Quarterstaff)

Breakdown of religionEdit

Spelldar is said to be the Keeper of the Weave. The Weave is the concentrated stream of pure magic that flows through the realm. Those who follow The Mage, follow magic, pure and simple. His ranks of followers range from the most vile to good hearted. When you worship Spelldar you worship magic in its purist form. Many libraries of magic, schools of wizardry, and towers of power revere him.


Most of the time his clergy consist of more wizards and sorcerers then priests. His temple can be found all over the realm. Normally they are a quiet place to research, study and share magical knowledge. His priests will rise up against those who outlaw magic. The only form of magic not allowed within the clergy is Transference (soul magic).

A cleric or worshiper of Spelldar roam the land looking for lost and forgotten lore. Educating all on the true power of magic and all it can bring.