~The Dark, Master of Assassins~


Symbol: Two Red Glowing Eyes Surrounded By Shadow
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Assassins, Shadows, Darkness, Deception
Domains: Evil, Death, Trickery
Weapon: Foe Sapper (Dagger)
Allies: Re'phet and Deagothia
Enemies: O'Ma, Ra'Ma, Yazard and D'lam

The GodEdit

Skearus was not always a god. In fact he is one of the youngest gods of the plane. Born a mortal he quickly became to most feared assassin in the realm at the time. Legend has it he braved the ruined city of Azule alone and came back a god. He quickly gained power among the deities by assassinating quite a few demi-gods.

After some time Galatus, God of the Sun and Moon grew tired of Skearus's thirst for power and attempted to slay the god of assassins. Galatus underestimated Skearus and was slain. His twin children O'Ma and Ra'Ma to this day seek revenge for the fathers death. Many times these three have faught and each time it has ended in a draw. He has also had many run ins with Yazard, because the lord of murder wants Skearus's Assassin portfolio.

Breakdown of ReligionEdit

Skearus is one of the most feared gods of the realm. One of three greater evil gods of the plane, he is a calculating, methodical killer. He believes emotion when it comes to killing is a weakness.

His religion teaches you to be self-reliant and to not trust anyone, even him. All his priests are taught poisons and anatomy to be more effective killers. Most of his churches are hidden and his followers hide there loyalty to him as well.


As a cleric to Skearus you are expected to live almost two lives. One that is your false cover to gain access to different places, the other your true self, your assassin self. Each of his followers have an assassin handle (SlipKnot, DarkRose) and many times the more feared the name, the more he favors you.

If given the chance they will slay a follower of Ra'Ma and O'Ma without a second thought. Skearus' priests might be the most dangerous assassins in the realm. They survive on wit and skill alone, cause if they are found out they are on there own.