~Lady Of Passage, Life's Overseer~


Symbol: An Oak Seedling Growing From A Gravestone
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Death, Life, Motherhood, Fertility, Procreation
Domains: Animal, Healing, Plant
Weapon: Life's Passage (Scythe)

The GoddessEdit

Sapherian is an Elder Greater Goddess. Only Vadriphose is said to be older. She is the mother of all living beings on the plane, bringing life and death through a natural course of existance. She was side by side with Vadriphose during the Dark Saint Wars against Melagaunt as his lover. This enraged Melagaunt for he knew Sapherian loved him but would never accept him. For a short time he bended her mind to his will creating only a Goddess of Death and for a long year all creatures were born was still-born.

This nearly finished off the already near extinct human race, but D'lam fooled the End God by disguising himself as the portfolio of Love. Unknowingly Melagaunt gifted him to Sapherian in a bid for her affection, and shortly thereafter, D'lam freed the Birth Maiden and returned her to her lover, Vadriphose. Since then she has wept every day for what she had done and has been one of the most active Gods in an attempt to make up for her deeds.

Sapherian later married Vadriphose and as mortals birthed the bloodline of Wravain to champion the human race.

She counts D'lam and Vadriphose among her allies, and loathes Yazard and Re'phet as enemies.

Breakdown of ReligionEdit

Sapherian is both life and death. Evil and Good does not concern her until either side disrupts the natural course of things. For this reason murder and the ending of any life, including plant life, before its time is the most dire of sins to her faith. Protect life at all costs until its time has come, then when death comes accept it as a course of life. Sapherian is very widely worshiped by the common man/woman, as the Earth Mother and Patron of Children she is revered in all places of the realm. Her faith also forbids any undead creature to exist.


Sapherian clerics are the most numerous in the realm, they are also the most busy. With daily chores such as the assistance with child births, the dying and daily sicknesses they remain ever vigilant. Clerics also hunt down murderers with a great fervor, staying their own blades in favor of working closely with other religions to see proper justice served. For this reason, Clerics of Yazard are their worst enemy. Part of her clerics creed is to end the clergy of Yazard and to battle his followers at every turn. Re'phet is also a true enemy to her faith as Re'phet promotes undeath, a true offense to all Sapherian stands for.