Creatures of myth, if Runics truly do exist, it remains a secret.


The Runics appear as mummified humanoids of approximately six feet tall, with arms made of thin metal bone surrounded by ghostly forms perfectly outlining a normal size arm. Their eyes a hollow sockets burning with a glowing energy, the brighter the glow the older the runic. Their very being is pure energy, their appearance is merely a shell so that they may have substance.

Brief HistoryEdit

Little is known about these secretive and elusive creatures. Legend states that they are not born but made from magic that escapes the weave when mages draw upon the most powerful magics. They originate from Ethis'venomon, a small floating island that drifts across the skies -- never in the same place for long.

The bulk of the island is taken up by a giant mountain, upon which the Runics have built their towers, scattered among the trees. It is in these towers that the Runics practise their art. All are naturally mages, wizards of the highest power, with the ability to draw on the weave at will.

The rare chance meetings with a Runic have ended in death.
They are evil to the core, even more so than the feared Drow.

It is rumoured that their hostility is derived from jealousy of the beings born of corporeal form, whereas they themselves have to make their own. Often mages have sought the Runics to learn their powerful spells, spending much of their life trying to track down the floating island with little result.

Those that do find it are never seen again.