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Race: Moon Elf Class: Rogue/Ranger/Wizard
Age: 197 Level: 2/1/10
Height: 5'2 Deity: Unknown, but rumored even publicly by those recognizing her to be a hand of Skearus under the name Anna
Weight: 92 lbs Titles:
Build: Slim, limber Marital Status: Unmarried
Skin Tone: Slightly paled Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Jet black Hair Length: Mid-shoulder
Standard Attire: Favored Weapons:
Facial Features: Distinguishing Features:


  • Sellswords: Former member, initiate
  • Storm: Former member, consultant and operative, from period of Rain/Briar regime - linked by speculation to dozens of murders and disappearances during this time period
  • Stormwatchers: Present-day consultant, under ownership of Fren Nerren
  • Spider Bite Inn: Former consultant, from period of ownership by Lilith De'lusifer