~Light Bringer, Lord of Light, Sun Lord~


Symbol: A golden, glowing sunburst
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Daylight, the Sun
Domains: Air, Fire, Sun
Weapon: First Light (Scimitar)

Breakdown of religionEdit

The sun lord is a blessing and necessity over most lands (save for places like Silverdune, where he is hated for obvious reasons). It is said that he does not only have power over the sun, but is the sun itself. However, bringing life to the land is not nearly as important to him, as is protecting it. While in general being a god that represents goodness for various causes, and is known to get involved in driving evil away from everything his ray’s touch, his specialty lies elsewhere. He is the bane of darkness and undeath first and foremost, from zombies to ghouls, and even the Drow themselves. The means used to combat them do not concern him in the least, weather it be done in an organized assault or a chaotic mob. It is his will that the land be pure of those created of evil or the abominations from below the surface that seek to harm his children of the light.


Clerics – The common peaceful priests of the cloth concept does not apply here. Every priest and priestess of Ra’ma is trained in the arts of battle. They learned long ago that the undead do not reason peacefully, thus they are all prepared to smite on sight. Even if many of them do not go out and actively seek undead to destroy, they are all ready to defend and protect their home from it. When not in battle, they clerics do their best to educate the people about Ra’ma and what measures they can take to stand up against the darkness.