Population Size: Nearing 1,000

Lifestyle (e.g. Rural, Industrial, Etc): Eveningfall is a wonderful sight to behold, it is a rural natural valley. Many would call it the heart of elven culture on Saphage. Situated remotely between that of Treegum and Elumbrae, Eveningfall is a medium peninsula cloaked in forestry. Unpolluted, uncrowded and unhurried, its residents include less than one thousand elvens but thousands of animals and plants, some of which are very rare.

Peacefully protected by its narrow, stunningly beautiful, valley and the care of those who live there. Sunsets in this are superb. They range from gentle tints of a soft pinks and blues, to more fiery displays of deep red and vivid orange - all set against a breathtaking backdrop of lake. The elvens here have saw witness to long violence of the human settlements from the southern and northern regions.

Major Imports/Exports (If Any): Exports:

  • Angelica blends: a special infusion of herbs that causes a short but strong increase in the bodies natural healing ability
  • Bows: The elves are master crafters of bows and Greybows provides some of the best on the isle of Saphage

Government Type: A mixed form of deliberative and representative democracy: a small council, consisting of five elvens, for the everyday decisions and an assembly of sorts whereby they speak with all the citizens for the major decisions regarding disputes, wars, alliances and so forth. Thus far there have been no negative comments regarding the decision making process. Leaders:

The Eveningfall Council is formed by:

Issulair Oakenborne (Male) Sirion De'Tellenstacia (Male) Lyriallen Me'Thridias (Female) Rodien Siadystine (Female) Elrendur Jara'don (Male)

Affiliations/Alliances: Enemies (If Any): The drow, also a slight distrust of dwarves.

Guilds: Not a guild as such, but the 'Verdant Vale Defenders' are a small guard dedicated to the protection of the Vedrant Oak. Their driud kin tend to the plants and the giant oak, cultivating its oak seeds each year to seed the forest the next. They also keep at bay a guarded secret within the vale that only those of the protectors know about.

Miscellaneous Notes: Nearby in Eveningfall Forest lurk the Bugbears whose society has been completely based upon the ritual hunt for a millennium. All other species are viewed as prey, not equals, usually only challenging prey are prized and pursued. Competition among males, hunting singly or in packs as "Alphas" and their subordinate "Betas," is for trophies or "relics" to display, including victims' skeletal remains, gutted organs and captured artefacts.

Eveningfall of the past was more accepting of outsiders but turns of fate have brought them to be more protective of their land; both the Vadriyan Empire and the scourge of Elumbrae have taken its toll on their numbers. During the Imperial assault by the forces of the Arch Mage Rellaquin, the magus commanded the very earth to erupt in barrier against the United Army's Eveningfall allies. The sharp spurs of rock wall are now referred to as Rellaquin's Curtain.