Situated high up in the northern mountains surrounded by roaming beasts and giants. The enclave is home to the temple of Spelldar and the Library Prime itself. A great source of knowledge and history is protected in the walls of the enclave and is kept in good order by an old man named Sabryn, whom never seems to age.

The gates to the enclave are open to all aslong as they obay the rules of the enclave. To get to it, there are portals open most of the time when the weave permits it, from Treegum and to Cadbridge. The enclave charge a small price for its use.


It is thought that the place was built as a bastion between Treegum and a place of evil far to the North called the Sentinel. but these rumours have never been confirmed.

Savages often target travellers leaving and exiting the enclave. Using the portals is usually the safest route to take, but make sure you have enough to pay for the trip or it is a rather long and dangerous walk back.

Things to note:

The Enclave has many hidden rooms filled with rare and exotic tomes. Not all of which are for the use of good.

The wards surrounding the enclave mean it is almost impentrable by all exept the mightiest mages.