Elumbrae became more and more of a military stronghold since it was established, the was started off as wooden though later turned to stone however it had to be enlarged twice. After it was solidly established, Elumbrae served as a logistical base for Imperial expeditions setting out to control the whole centre of the continent. Military convoys and loads of furs came and went, while some audacious souls set out to explore the rest of southern Saphage.

Once inside the old fortified town walls you are in a different world. You need a whole day to explore the maze of narrow streets and its variety of small shops; look into the chapel of O'Ma or even that of Vastur, and its Order of the Silverdawn, or simply sit at the pier and relax. The wonder can be seen from the small tower, the mage tower, that sits above the town.

One of the most famous rivers in the Saphage: the Mezra River is situated just are arms lenght away from Elumbrae, the Mezra River runs under the Mezra Bridge, named after the river itselfs. The Mezra River has an abundance of wildlife to marvel at along the banks of the river including: badgers, mallards, moorhens or even the odd otter and water vole. The sight is breath-taking.



Once 4000, Now unknown as refugees and new arrivals steadily move in.


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