The Bruehawk Wiki is an information resource for the Bruehawk's Roleplaying Server - a Neverwinter Nights community - set in the custom world of Mel'heron.

Editing is open to all, so feel free to create pages for your characters and the places they're from, post bits of miscellaneous lore, and even contribute to documenting important events.

Make a Character Page

We have a handy Character Template set up for you to make pages for all of your characters. Check out the Tutorial if you're unfamiliar with Wiki editing.

World of Mel'heron

Geography: Saphage | Valiyus "Mainland" | The Islands | More...
Places: Treegum | Elumbrae | Cadbridge | More...
Gods: Vadriphose | Ra'Ma | Vastur | Yazard | More...
People: Player Characters | Non-Player Characters | DM Roster | More...
Factions: Empire of Vadriphose | Thrun Empire | Greenskins | Trade Consortium | More...

Latest activity

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